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I love my country dearly and I care deeply for the friends that served with me in Desert Storm. I think about the soldiers that are in the Middle East now and wonder how they're doing. I hope they have everything they need to keep them safe and I wish they would come home soon. Almost every night when I lay my head down on my pillow and get snug under the covers, I think of all the soldiers who are over there on guard in the early morning hours while I am warm and restful in my bed. And then, I thank them!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Author Jean Sasson Writes about the Lives of Women in the Middle East

I first started getting interested in the lives of women in the Middle East once I began reading Jean Sasson's books. The first book I read of hers was the first that she published, "The Rape of Kuwait." From then on I became an instant fan. Not only because I spent time in Kuwait and could vision and empathize with the stories she reported, but because I love oral histories. Her first hand accounts of the disasters, fears, and struggles that people (mainly women) face intrique me because they give an insiders account of history.

Jean's most recent book is, "Growing up bin Laden" which is the story of Osama bin Laden's first wife and fourth born son. Most of all, it gives us insight into the type of father Osama was and is: strict, un-loving, and hateful of America(ns).

Jean is very personable and the stories that she writes can help us understand the Middle East's past, and realize that not all people in that part of the world are evil.


  1. Hi Carla! This is Jean Sasson. I'm so pleased that you have enjoyed my work. Reading is one of the greatest pleasures, in my opinion.. Take care! Jean Sasson www.jeansasson.com

  2. Hi Jean! I do enjoy reading your books. Learning about the tragedies of women who lived under Saddam in Iraq and under the rules and customs of Islamic socities. I think too many people in our country look at the war now and think that all Islamists' are fanatics, but they're not. You've shown that.

    Your latest book, Growing Up bin Laden, was fascinating. I'm out of books right now so I'm going back to it for a second read. You really show what a hateful and vindictive person Osama is. It's amazing that someone can be filled with so much hate, and display it even toward his own families. You must have been flabergasted when you found out Omar wanted you to write that for him. Amazing! Hopefully he's out of Osama's reach because I think if he got his hands on him he'd most likely kill him.

    Please keep up the writing, many of us depend on you for a reliable source of information on what it's really like over there.

    With Love,

  3. Can't figure out how to edit replies I've made so I'll do it here. Made a boo-boo in the second sentence, first paragraph. Learning about those things intrigue me! ;)

  4. How are you doing Carla? I hope well... Sending you good wishes, Jean